Girls only, do you think that I'm too effeminate to date?

I know it sounds like a weird question but I'm a little worried that I'm not masculine enough to be attractive to girls. Here's a short description of the relevant traits that worry me.

I don't really think of sex and I don't want casual sex.
I'm sensitive and like talking (with specific people).
I'm a virgin but I'm more annoyed that I've never cuddled than the fact that I've never had sex.
I want to be married and have a few kids.
I get along better with girls (socially and on here).
I'm not dominant in terms of personality. In fact I'm actually quite submissive, especially in terms of sex.
I like cleaning and a few of my family members have remarked that I'd make a great "housewife".

There are a few personality traits that seem to make me closer to most girls than most men and I worry it'll will affect girls attraction to me.


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  • You seem like every girl's dream guy to be in a relationship especially girls who aren't sexual active.

    • Do girls really want those kinds of guys or do they just say that?

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    • Do you think I should try and be friends first?

    • Mhhh yes and no. If your talking to a girl and you have the intentions of dating her make that know. Don't automatically friend zone her cause that can be conveyed wrong by her. And it's okay to talk to girls at the same time as long as you are not in a committed relationship.

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  • although those traits don't seem as masculine as they could be, they don't seem like a problem. Some are actually pretty admirable traits. You just need to embrace your personality. Remember, be confident, try having some bros too, and don't be afraid to be yourself.

    • So do you think they would have any affect on my attractiveness?

    • no. most of those are respectable values, not really personality traits.

  • One of my closest male friends is pretty similar. - he has certain ways of acting which one could consider effeminate but on the whole he is kind caring enthusiastic when we talk and has genuine and sustainable future prospects and in our friendship groups its mainly girls - two straight guys and a gay guy. But I feel like each one of us in our group has had the biggest crush on him at one point in our lives of knowing him because he is such a stand out character as such a caring guy who acts as an equal when interacting with so many girls. In fact Im starting to get more attracted to him the more I write haha. But I think it also depends of on the way you look and your bodily gestures. But don't feel like you have to force yourself to act a certain stigmatised masculine way. As really every guy is different.

  • Hmm I wouldn't think so not really. I think you just need to meet the right person.

    • But not you, right?

    • I'm not saying I wouldn't be attracted to you. I might be, I don't know. I'd have to meet you in person. If you approach girls with more confidence I think you would have no problem.

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  • You're a little bitch who'd get eaten up in a relationship--balls would be clipped a week in.

    So you're perfect marriage material.

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