Is it weird for a guy to say " I love you" after talking on and off for a year and a half?

So I've been talking to this guy for a while and its been on and off and when he started talking to me he would tell me that im his world, his everything, he wants to be with me and then he says i love you unexpectedly and it kinda threw me off i didn't knoe what to say but then a week or so of talking he suddenly shut me off. What should i do?


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  • What do you think you should do.

    • i dont knoe thats why im asking opinions xc

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    • by the way what should i do exactly to try and talk to him? i dont wanna loose this person i have real feelings for xc

    • Talk from your heart all you just told just tell him, but let him know that you care for him most of all but for it to work between you both, there's certain things the you both have to work on to make the relationship stronger. If he likes you the way you like him He'll be all for it.

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