Is it normal for him too act this way?

So basically a year ago this guy and I used to talk everyday about anything on bbm and I fell for him but it was onesided at the time but it soon stopped as he started working and stuff we still spoke now and again and we snapchatted as well but recently its become more frequent then today he asked me to go out with him on a date and we had a long conversation as well my friend thinks he likes me because of him saying

"You had a boyfriend" which my friend says is his way of asking if I'm single
"People change" which she sees as he has feelings now
"I thought you got over me" which she sees as he is trying to see if I still like him

Is this all true? Like are guys like this? And is it normal for him to just ask me out like that? Or is he playing with my feelings?


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  • If he invited you to go somewhere with him and called it a "date", it's a date. He likes you. It doesn't matter what other words he used.

    If however he's invited you to go somewhere as part of a group and you're trying to work out his feelings by reading more into his words that can be reliably understood, then perhaps he likes you, perhaps he doesn't. Talk to him again to find out.

    • He literally said date like he said we should do something cause I told him I was bored so he said date so I asked him is he asking me or telling me and he said I'm asking u on a date...

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    • But I'm just scared that its a flip and I lose him as a friend

      How so? Like I don't know if I'm just pissed at my bf cause he has been treating me like shit a lot recently. .. so I don't know if I'm forcing myself 2 have feelings

    • You're in a complicated situation with a lot of factors in play. I can't say I have any idea on what's best to do. I was never in that situation when I was your age, and neither was anyone I knew.

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  • To be honest, people do change and this guy seems genuine. Then again, I don't really know him so I'm not sure but it seems like you've known him for a long time.
    What I don't understand is do you still like him?

    • Sigh right now I don't know my feelings are everywhere cz my boyfriend of 15 months and I r going through a complicated time right now

    • Okay, so I don't think it's right to just bail out from your current relationship and see your friend. Do you think that it is a bit unfair?
      I don't know if I've completely understood it, but if you really like your friend than go on that date with him. It doesn't really sound fair for your current boyfriend though.

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  • He likes you, he's just not good at being direct. Probably a fear of rejection, but he sound very interested in you.

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