How to text girls for going out on date you barely know?

So for example you met the girl at party, bar, school. You talked to her and she gave you number.

Would you text her first and just ask her out - next day?, or just call her for going out.

What kind of messages girls like for going out?

What girls hate, when they get text messages?

Thank you ;)

*** Still looking for answers ***


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  • You have higher chances if you know them better
    If it was at a party and she was drunk... good chance she won't reply
    At school if she gave you the number the sooner you act on it the better if you let too much time go in between it gets awkward
    The best way is to start off the topic of potentially going somewhere together face to face then just confirming the plans via text


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  • wow. I had something very similar happen to me. He texted me two days later and said something like, hey I was wondering if you would like to (-----_) sometime this week. It worked! I thought, why not, and it all worked out well. I honestly dont hate anything a guy texts except when their short messages that dont try to continue the conversation or when he dosent text back at all. Hope this helps you!!

    • Thanks for your help! I think i asked it in a bad way, or she don't have time. New year and so on.

      So I asked like : When do you have time? What do you think about tomorrow? She answered: Sorry but I am going to visit grandparents for launch and everything blah blah. So I asked her so why don't you pick up date? She answered I don't know.

      Damn what I don't know mean? But I think she's interested, I don't know too.

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    • I'll try that out. But when should I ask? Today I talked with her on Sunday. Then I didn't text her anything (one day I didn't text her). I already asked her, before she said I DON'T KNOW.

      Should I just text her again with this kind of message, it's kinda lame. Or would I just ask her how it was on concert, because it was on some kind of concert, to start little conversation and ask her after that.

    • Start a small conversation and then say " hey quick question but..." and then ask again and try to sound casual. I had almost the exact same thing happen to me and it worked out so I'm telling you from my experience

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  • "Hello, I know you're free from stalking your FB on the 2nd of January and was wondering if you'd do me the honor of dating me my sweet buttercup sugarpie! \o/"

  • @linkywinky me you out this Saturday capish?

  • I wouldn't try it, they will end up rejecting you. Play it safe.

    • Yeah! I asked her for going out next day. I think I did too fast. She is interested in me, I think. We talked for little and same day I asked her for going out on X day. She don't have time because she's going to... you know new year is close. I understand that. So would you try again and ask her after new year? I'll talk to her normally.