Complicated love story?

Me and my bf have been dating for 5 years. We love each other. however recent events have led us to take a break and I haven't heard anything from him. He didn't do good in school and is upset about that. he says he still loves me but it's tough with school. can using no contact help me get him back


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  • Yes, it can. But it's too risky. If you make no contact perhaps he can think that you don't want anything with him anymore. If you want him back, fight for it. It's safer.

    • Even if he asked for a break

    • hm, he asked for the break... you can keep talking to him in a friendly way. I don't know the reasons that led to that break, but with the time you can fix it if you keep enough contact. Neither too much nor too little.

  • I don't get your thinking. How will no contact get him back?


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