What if s/he doesn't meet up to your expectations?

Let's say you had been chatting with someone via text or email for weeks. You had seen a few pics, so knew what his/her face looked like but had only a description of his/her body based on height, weight, body shape description. You started imagining this person's body to the point there is no way the person could live up to the expectations. You were falling for personality pretty hard, though.

When you meet, you see the person is not unattractive by any means, isn't overweight or anything but isn't the supermodel you expected him/her to be. Your mind had built up such an image, there is no way s/he could have been.

If you already had begun to fall for personality, will it/should it matter? How disappointed would you be? Keep in mind the person is not unattractive at all, just not what you visualized in your mind.


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  • A photo send online usually depicts a person under the best circumstances, making them look more attractive. The resolution may hide acne, and perhaps he picked the best photo out of 100 others. That means this guy is CAPABLE of looking attractive, under such conditions, but on a day-to-day basis, he looks fairly average.

    I would not let this be a primary factor in deciding whether you should date him or not.

    I met my wife online. I chatted with her for about a month without knowing what she looked like.
    We exchanged 2-3 page emails several times a day, and when I finally asked her for a photo after a month, I found out she was actually super cute. We kept exchanging emails for another few weeks before I decided to ask her out for coffee. When she stepped into the coffee shop, she looked quite different than the photo. She actually looked very similar to an ex-friend who I got into a big fight over, and no longer speak to. Knowing she looked so similar to my ex-friend, I wondered if I could ever like this girl. We had so much in common and we could chat endlessly and laugh the whole time. I put so much time into knowing her before meeting her, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

    I gave it a couple dates to get used to her looks. Gradually, I could note her distinct facial features and over time, when I looked at her, she no longer resembled my ex-friend. Skip ahead 3 years and we're married.


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