Why does he act this way?

A guy who I liked and who liked me back this summer has been talking to me again lately bc we're in the same class. He's told me that I didn't smile or laugh enough, while he said it he was smiling at me and looking at me in the eyes. He sits next to me in a few classes and his body is always pointed towards me. He talks to me constantly even if he gets in trouble. He'll put his shoes up on my chair and poke my butt with his shoe, and take my stuff. Although, a few months back he would never look at me in the eyes, most times never talk to me out of school (we were in the same class last year too). And this year he looks at me in the eyes and he looks at my butt a lot too😂 but he rarely talks to me out of school. I don't know what's up with him. Sometimes I miss him, and us being a thing.
(I've been told he was plainly scared of rejection again, because I rejected him twice to hangout. He said infront of me before that he asks girls to hangout to hookup ((not sure if it's true)).

(It wasn't exactly my butt, sort of my hip that he'd poke)


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  • Yes, he likes you. But whether he likes you for the right things is for you to decide. Remember. Respect is key... It's not very respectful to poke someone on the butt. You may like him and think it's cute but make sure he isn't in it for the wrong reasons which to me.. seems like he might be. BUT only you can tell what's true or not.


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  • it never indicates that he is loving you, but i think your liking
    so just talk this with him.
    you will get the exact answer.


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  • I don't get the question sorry?

    • I'm asking why does he act this way, what could he possibly be thinking or/ and feeling.