What should I do with this guy? I feel stuck?

I met this guy at a party a week ago. We got along great and have been texting and hung out a few times. He states he's been pretty busy with work, so he hasn't been talking to me as much the last few days, unless I initiate the conversation. Last night, I asked if he still liked me, he said "I like you. Will I date you right now. No too early, I don't know u that well." I haven't heard from him all day. I don't like texting first because he told me he's busy and don't want to come off clingy. I hope he stays interested, and knows that I am as well. We are willing to keep hanging out. My mind is telling me to wait for him to text me when he has the time. I just don't know what I should do from here...


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  • maybe you should ask him when he has some free time and get to know him