Is asking someone over text the new norm?

I just got asked out by the guy I've been crushing on for a while, I told him I want to go on a few dates first and he understands (at least he said he did)
I've never dated and I want to make sure my first relationship is special.

Anyways, Is it even relevant to wait out for a guy to ask me in person, or should I just give up waiting because texting has taken over?


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  • he is probably shy... i find it weird but many people do it, its such a pussy move... any ways dont settle for anything but give him a chance, two dates, see if he is what you like, if not move on. you havnt lost anything.


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  • Depends on his age. If he's like only 18 or 19, give him a break. But if he's 23+ then that's a bitch move. You gotta just muster up to courage and ask in person or at the very least, through a phone call, not text.

  • I don't know if it's the norm, as I got turned down by a date text.


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  • First of all, congrats! The guy you like asked you out, so major props to that haha! Anyways, I suggest that you try and talk to him about it or kind of send him clues in person. I would avoid having texting be the main way of communicating because you don't want to make things awkward when you talk in person.

    • Exactly! haha
      He did say he wanted to ask me in person...
      It's just confusing
      We met at work and he's pretty "alpha" with everything else, but the boy can't hold a conversation with me in person,

      I can tell he tries though :)

    • thats cute haha! Well if anything, now that you know for a fact that he likes you, you could ask him out yourself! It takes two to start a relationship!😊

  • It might be the new norm, but you don't have to make it your standard.