Dating a girl and now I have second thoughts?

i was dating this great girl, we always text, talk and do whatever couples do in the dating phase. we both got out of bad relationships, so meeting new people, is pretty new to us. we knew each other for a while but never talked since we were not single then.

anyways i saw her on a date with another guy. i think she felt guilty and the guy kinda new her and i had chemistry by the way we talked to each other. but now it feels tough to communicate again with her. i feel like i lost the passion and that i'm just another guy on her list that she dates.

she asked me what i thought about the guy she was with and wanted me to sit with them on their first date. i played it off really cool, chit-chatted with them for a bit and left.

i haven't spoken to her for a few days, since i don't know why i should be the one texting or calling.

is it wrong for me to be stubborn? either way, if i bumped into her, I'm really good at showing that i'm indifferent and cool.

i know if she saw me dating another girl, it would devastate her. i never brought it up in the past to her.


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  • well, she's keeping her options open. that might be hurtful, but as you said, you both got out of bad relationships. i don't think she's looking to committing until she knows she's made the right choice.

    • yea i agree with you. but i also feel i should make the right choice. it was just tough seeing her with another guy, while keeping my cool lol

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