Why is she that cold? we went out for 9 days and called it quit today?

so about week and a half ago, I met this gal and in less than 24 hours.. I asked her out to be my girlfriend. long story short, we clicked and i flat out asked her out.

after a few days, we talked, texted and today.. she wanted to talk and that's when she wants to be friends.. her reason was, i was foul mouthed and i'm 6 months younger.. in my mind, 6 months aren't much but her's she will always fill older than me and that just irks me. is 6 months that far apart with each other?

she should have known when she saw my profile. it stated how old I was. what gets me is that, she knows what she was getting into but to flip an 180 in less than a week.. wtf?

if i like someone, i give her the 110%. i'm not gong to hold back.. but with her, she wanted to give the 40% and not the 110%.. it just baffles me.

Cause with me, I don't want to beat around the bush and spend 6 months of my life getting to know someone to realize she either have no feelings for me or there is no me in their future. i know i'm sallow for saying it.

her words ' she wants to stay friends' but in mind, I can't. i really can't stick around someone that I have feelings for. cause i always to be more than friends. and tonight, she told me i just wants to be friends.. I just said screw it, I'm done. I can't be friends with someone that i have feelings for period. cause let's just be honest, no body likes to be friend zone. once you cross the bridge, there is no turning back.

ladies, am I jumping into conclusion way too fast? should I have held back and waited being friends with her to see where it leaded? but this is from her' i hope you don't hate me because we are just going to be platonic friends' and ' we are just going to be friends'

with those words, I told myself i'm not going to put up with any drama and that's why i did what i did. I ain't going through what i did with this other gal.


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  • Some people value their time and won't invest in something that they don't see a future in. Respect that.


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  • The age difference probably isn't an important factor. It's just one she feels comfortable talking about (and possibly just thinking about herself). People don't always know why their feelings for other people change, and even when they do have some idea, it's often difficult to really understand, let alone talk about.

    I understand about not wanting to be her friend. I've been there. But given your relationship was only for nine days, there may be attractive things about you she doesn't know yet. If you've got any cards left, now's the time to play them - as a friend or otherwise. You may be able to win her back.

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