Why are girls so hard to date?

I always try to date girls and I fail. I am 18, I know how to be a gentleman. How to help a girl, how to love her.

I don't smoke, sometimes I drink at events. But I just can't find a girl that I would go out with her.

Are girls looking just for attention? I've seen so many teenagers looking for attention over Facebook and stupid ask. fm it's so childish. I almost don't post any picture on social networks.

It's just hard this days girls like assholes. Then they cry on social network how boys are assholes. Yeah they pick assholes, no shit.


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  • Women like confident men. Sometimes "assholes" are the confident ones who make the moves.


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  • The million dollar question is why are people so hard to date.

    I guess people are so scared to be cheated on, so they initiate the cheating first, and that just brews a vicious cycle of disloyal people, making everyone so damn difficult to date

  • There are girls that are not just looking for attention, I am one. I love a guy that is respectful and nice. You'll find women who are after you for you, will be in a few years. At your age, they want a bad boy.

    • Nice to hear that ;). I'll just wait and yeah I am confident too. But same as this guy, who asked... I don't have luck, maybe.

      I found perfect girl, but it's to far away. :( Still remember her, it was perfect with her and I met her on vacations for only two days. It was perfect. That's the life.

    • Why was she perfect?

    • I don't know :S I just liked her, can't explain. She was acting normal, pretty cute and I could easily talk with her. Really can't explain :D

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  • Same problem! I am not that social over stupid social networks. I don't fake myself, like many boys do. I workout almost everyday, but I don't post to social network hey dudes I am going to workout blah blah. This is just pussy shit.

    Girls are picky and they usually go with assholes. You'll find the right one, one day. Just don't care about slutty girls, as same as I will find one day, some girl that I will love.

    Have a great day.

  • Just gotta find the right one man. I know, it's hard. Luckily, I found one right here on this site. Best thing that's ever happened to me.