Hot and cold and confusing?

Ok ladies... Here is a confusing one. Here is a year in a quick review. I met this girl at work, much younger than me and very flirty. I just brushed it off but she was insistent. She asked for my number and we began texting. Now, she lives very far away (8-10hrs away) and all it was just getting to know one another. After some heated texting of a sexual nature, she goes cold and stops texting altogether. Jump forward 2 mth of NC and there she is again. We meet up at a work meeting and she is right were she left off. All flirty. I'm unsure but I play along. Meeting ends and I have work to do and I leave without saying goodbye. I get an email from her asking for my number, apparently she deleted me. (Her excuse was her phone broke and she lost all her contacts, her phone was severely cracked so I gave her the benefit of the doubt But she did have my email and could of emailed me over 2 months ago). So we text again and I then decide to be nice and just surprise her with flowers at work, COMPLETELY anonymous. She then Sends me a nice email but it's a nice - don't-do-that-again letter. So I backed right off and never heard from her again. I saw her twice at meetings and just said 'hi' and that's it. Total cold shoulder. Now bump to last month. Another meeting and we are both in same hotel. She is all friendly and flirty again. She asks me for a ride to the hotel and then bails on me, opting for a ride from another female coworker. She asks me for my number and I tell her, if you want it, email me. Making her work for it if she is serious because at this time I'm still keeping her at arms length. She then emails me a few hours later and is all friendly/flirty. Jump forward 2 days and she invites me and another to her room for drinks. Her friend eventually leaves and I lean in for a kiss. Next thing it's a 2 hr make out session and the next day, totally professional. Now 1 month goes by and again, she has flaked out. No texts - nil! I have deleted her, just curious now


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  • Yeeaaaaahh, naahhh don't get into it! She's probably not ready for anything, I think you should just let her be.


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