Taking my boyfriend on a cute affordable date?

I'm taking my boyfriend out because he always does nice things for me. However, I'm on a budget so I'm trying to think of some affordable activities for us.

We enjoy going to the mall so that'll be our setting what I plan is put things into a paper gift bag for us to do all day. He works really hard and often complains of body aches so I thought one thing for the bag is an envelope with a couples bills in cash that we can use for those massage chairs in the malls. Another thing was buying one of those kid madlib books and filling some out cause he enjoys those. I also thought packing a tin of homemade cookies to snack on with his favorite strawberry milk.

What are a few other ideas I could pack in this bag for us?


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  • As TheWiseOwl said you're already golden.


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  • Awww that's so adorable.

    I think you've got all the bases covered. :)


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  • Hmmm... Those are all great and thoughtful :) maybe add a couple sandwiches just in case, and perhaps a "scavenger hunt" type of list that you can use as you walk around to make things interesting. Put some things on the list that you might see or find on people in the mall, like red shirt, manicured nails, high heels, brightly colored hair, a baby etc and the first person who spots an item on the list gets a point. Winner at the end of the date gets a kiss ;)