What's worse, a person who rebounded on you going back to an ex or starting with someone new?

Both are bad obviously but would you be more insulted if someone who used you as a rebound went back to the ex he/she complained about or started with someone new?

From my personal experience, having the rebounder go back to the ex felt really shitty because it made me feel like I was nothing compared to the ex and that I was just used to make the ex jealous.


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  • I would say the ex as it shows they weren't really over them and was using me until they got them back

    • Yeah. I was very naive when it happened. There were red flags in my face but I overlooked them because we had so much in common and I found her very attractive. From now on, whenever a potential date complains about an ex or tells me they just got out of a relationship, I'm gonna be very hesitant and wary.

      It was just a shitty position to be in because I had never been in a real relationship and the rebounder felt the closest thing thing to it. Not only that, but I felt like I was on the rebound with the next girl I dated after. Basically, I thought seeing someone else would help me get over the rebounder but it made me want the rebounder even more.

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