Stay with someone just for the sex? Does it get you attached?

Will you stay with your Bf/Gf just for the sex? What I mean, is that even if the relationship is not working. Will you stay with him/her because the sex is so great, and you can't just let him/her go?

  • Yes, sex with my Bf/Gf is addicting. Is the only thing that keeps me with him/her
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  • No, sex doesn't get me attached to my partner.
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  • I don't stay if there's drama, it's not worth the hassle. If it isn't ideal, but there's no bullshit and the sex is amazing, then I'll stay.


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  • I answered B. If we ever broke up, we wouldn't stay together just for sex. Having sex again with him? maybe but we wouldn't be a couple

  • Stupidest question I have ever heard tbh