Should I leave? I think my bf is too close to his exes family?

so close in fact that he lives with her grandmother and calls her mom. his daughter calls her grandma and yes they do have two daughters together but the one that calls her that isn't her actual grand child. he wouldn't tell me who lives there and still won't just says people and the only reason I know is because I went over one time (outside) and later looked up the address..

the fact that he's being secretive about it bugs me but outside of friends I'm the only one who knows he stays there. since he lost everything.

he's 25+


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  • Sad thing is, all relationships have some secrets. That's the truth and that's life. But ya leave him lol

    • I know that's true and somethings I can understand but when it's that big and you're keeping it a secret there's a bigger reason in my eyes. like he wants to be with her or they'll kick him out if he brings someone else around.. I don't know

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    • my gut feeling thinks we'll work through our issues eventually but knowing how close he is to them makes me uneasy and want to walk away

    • Well you definitely don't want to keep feeling uneasy about things. It's not healthy.

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  • Tell him that you're getting suspicious and want answers.


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  • Tell him you know and demand an answer or leave him because no relationship should have secrets.

  • Move on! He sounds like bad news.

    • we've been on and off for a while but it was the first time I actually went there and thought who lives here... because it's not the first time he told me he was at that house.. I just never questioned anything until I found out whose house it was

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    • couldn't agree. just tried to be positive like maybe she's the only person he has when he things go bad on his part. she always offers him somewhere to stay but I just thought after this long he'd be open and honest with me about even things like that since I don't judge anything he goes through.
      but the times I have asked he just says some people live there. I do know the people who live there well her granddaughters but it's not a reason to keep it a lie

    • keep it a secret lol sorry