If I have no chemistry with a guy when I first meet him is that a sign?

To be honest I have never met a guy that I've had chemistry with. There have been guys that I've felt connected to but never in an attraction sort of way. And every time things have never worked out. Is this a sign that I shouldn't take things further?


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  • I think people in general are pretty complex. I think it takes a while to figure someone out. If the chemistry you are looking for isn't there immediately, I would at least give it a try to see if it develops.

  • yes absolutely 100% lol
    you should never judge chemistry or attraction on a first date/impression, first dates are usually weird, awkward and loads of guys become nervous and forgot what to talk about lol and I doubt anyone is able to give a perfect first impression. You need to learn more about the guy to be able to judge chemistry, real life relationships aren't like rom coms, things don't just happen, people need to put work into relationships to gain the rewards.

    As long as the guy is nice and hasn't done anything negative to you, then you have to ask yourself, why not?

    • tl;dr
      Always take things further if the guy isn't negative, chemistry comes with time spent deeply knowing rather than shallow first impressions

    • Lol thank you I've never thought of it that way

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