How to get over jealousy and protectiveness?

I am currently dating a girl, whos most definitely gonna be my girlfriend soon, and i seem to have a jealousy problem. My last girlfriend, almost a year ago, cheated on me and ever since I have this fear that every girl I date will cheat on me. I have been with this girl for almost 5 months and she is everything I am looking for, but its just a few weeks ago she's had to move back to her home state because she graduated from the university where we met. But she's also a very loving and friendly girl, as in she always positively reacts to anyone who comes up and talk to her. This sometimes makes me worried since any guy can come up to talk to her and she'll be all happy and show him a positive reaction. I know that she's not that kind of girl who would just cheat any random guy and I know that she's really into me. What I want help with is getting over this jealousy and fear thing. its annoying and stresses me out for no reason.


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  • jealousy and protectiveness comes because of trust issues.
    I know that doesn't sound very comforting because I've been through this as well and that was what was told to me as well.

    Once you learn to fully trust your partner these feelings will go away, so the only solution is to be patient and try not to over think things, when your relationship evolves these feelings will go away.
    as for now: Guys are allowed to have platonic girl friends, Girls are allowed to have platonic guys friends, simple :)

    • ty for mho! even if I was the only one who answered... I guess i'm just that awesome nobody needed to add anything haha

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