I like a girl, but I don't know what she wants. Can someone help me?

So I like a girl, we chat from Facebook and I like her a lot, but also a lot of boys like her, but the interesting thing is that she used to like a boy, but this boy has got a gf, so now she likes another boy, but he also likes someone else. I like her a lot, she shares a lot of things with me but also hides some, like she shared a chat with a boy with me but she was hiding the names of the people of the previous chat but actually it's her private space and I can't do anything about it. Is there a chance that she could like me? I don't even know. Two months ago I sent her a friend request and she didn't accept it and then I cancelled it, last week I sent her again and she accepted it. We chat but, the fact that she likes someone else feels really bad. Yesterday she told me, tell me someone who can be my boyfriend and then I said me, but no one wants me. And then she said: Born for each other, and now I think that we won't be something more than friends. Please, help me.


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  • I'm honestly not hearing any flirting. I think she was relating to feeling like no one wants you. I feel like she would have responded in a different way to that text if she likes you. Just remember that I'm not saying she dislikes you, so go ahead and Pursue her more!

    • Thank you, I musy give it a try.

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