Girl is too busy to talk to me?

so Im really confused, me and this girl have been dating for a year and a half anyways. she said that she's sometimes confused about our relationship, I mean I don't understand it either. she says that the reason we chose this relationship is because were both really busy. she said that before we got more serious she was talking to another guy. What does that mean before we got more serious?
Also she says she's busy I mean, does anyone elces girlfriend boyfriend do that she does text me a few texts and that's it...


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  • Jeez... she wasn't too busy to talk to another guy?

    • That was last year tho

  • Your question is a bit confusing. Are you together with her, exclusively or are you dating when you have time? Is she your girlfriend or not?

    Either way, yes, I can and have been too busy. Ask my boyfriend how long he had to wait before I had time. Met in February , didn't start dating until October and barely talked or anything during that time. And yes I was talking to other guys but not really, mostly old friends and my former friends with benefits who knew me extremely well and worked just as many hours as I did.

    I don't text my boyfriend all day. I work. He knows that. If he wants to talk, he can call me at work (and he does if he gets called out to work so that I don't worry) or he can wait until I'm done work. I work 14 hour days, 10-12 hours right now because its the off-season. I never have a phone on me. I feel no point in texting all day long.


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