My girl barley text me in long distance relationship?

I've been waiting to be with her for like 6 months now full time. We have plans to move out together. Her parents forbid us from seeing each other but before we were sneaking around once or twice a month. We tried to tall to the parents t he y said she can see me when she turns 18 in a month. Honestly I get like no text from this girl always wondering what she's doing.

When I try to say something nice or cute which I really rarely I do she tries to overpower me it seems like. Almost emasculating. But she has told me dozens of times sues crazy about me would do anythimg for me. I don't know if I'm just not showing it enough.. used to treat her like crap to be honest.

She still said to me earlier I don't know how yu feel about me sometimes so I just have to ask every once in a while. Last night I message her sounds like she's too busy says I'll text you later.

Everytime I think she is uninterested she seems to come around and blow my mind spilling some feelings out dramatically.

This behavior really sketches me out though makes me think she is cheating.


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  • well if she texts you enough barley, you can start your own brewery.