Why do I a feel like I'm not good enough for him?

I'm 19 years old and I'm recently talking to someone.. I just don't feel good enough for him and it stress's me out a lot.


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  • Dont believe it. Especially don't let the boy know. If you tell most boys this, they will abuse this power and abuse you causing an abusive relationship. It shows a lot about their character. Just chillax and go with the flow and be thankful that you think you're not good enough for him. The only reason why he's doing that is because he thinks he's not good enough for you


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  • If you like that person, you could be placing him as such an ideal that you could be dismissing yourself as "not good enough". I get that stress thing you're talking about, I get anxiety sometimes, but I always feel better reminding myself (assuming you're dating? or even just really friendly) that he's talking to you, or dating you, he chose you for a reason. He must think you're worth it to put in effort. Try not to stress too much, relax, ease up, and go with the flow.

    • Should I talk to him about it?

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    • I wish you the best

      p. s. don't let anyone tell you you're not good enough or not worth it. lots of people would kill to see failure. show them up. if they can't see you for what you're worth, they don't deserve to be graced by your presence.

    • Your So sweet thank you so much beautiful!!