(MEN ONLY!!!) And girls too!! I need help ASAP?

Girlfriend came to me devistated and hysterically crying.
I live in NY and you know that stereotype about rude people hear and all that good stuff. Anyways my girlfriend wears these shirts I don't really know what there called


And she told me how this douche untied the top and the bottom straps.
And I don't know what to do or how to defend her. I'm a weak introverted nerd.( that's sounded way better in my head) but its true. I'm surprised a girl like her would actually be with me and it took some time for her family to get used to there daughter dating a white man because her mother is white so it was easier for me. But her family lives so far and I want to defend her but I simply can't. I really want to her those douche bags!!! Help?


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  • A little cold to be wearing just that shirt in NY, isn't it?

    • She has a cardigan over it. I don't know why she wears them I guess there popular

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  • If you're gonna start beating on every douche in NYC, better get a bag of ice.

  • You do nothing, she should be calling the cops for sexual assault.

    Wtf doors this have to do with her mom and race?

    Sounds like a troll question.

    • I agree I got off topic a little but trust me its not a troll question

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  • Call the cops.

  • Youve gotta understand that there are douchebags in this world. You also have to trust your gf that she is independent and will always do the right thing. Just support her and stay on her side. Dont get mad at her, its not her fault. And just acknowledge that you can't do anything

  • If physical confrontation isn't your thing it's best avoided. You might be right in wanting to hurt them but you are no good to her in hospital. If, and it sounds like it did, an assault took place then the pigs can sort it out, it's what they are paid for.

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