Is she really worth it? Please give me advice? I'll answer yours?

So I'm a pretty shy guy so I really don't asked girls out. I've had some bad experiences so I'm pretty reluctant on dating. Which makes this situation unique. I work with this girl and the first time I saw her I was just like "wow she is beautiful". I wished I had the courage to ask her out, I prayed for it and everything. It's strange I didn't tell anyone about it but one day one my friend/coworkers and that works in her department said I think you should ask her out man. I kinda took as a sign and did. She said yes without hesitating and smiled we exchanged numbers. I told her I would have to see what my work schedule was and what my finals looked like. She said great. So I texted her a few days later but she was working that weekend but said she could probably do it the next but didn't know since she didn't get her schedule yet. I said I would contact her next week. I tried to get of hold her but she was working and never returned my call and she is home for the break so We won't see eachother till school starts again.

I don't know what to think. I'm hurt and have prayed for guidance on this and I keep getting a feeling like I shouldn't give up but I don't know what to do. She is really a great girl.


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  • If she's really interested in you, she'll eventually call, ask you out or something. And, if she doesn't do that, then, you should move on. In the mean time, work on yourself. You have done everything it takes, and as far as i see you are a very brave guy! Good luck

  • Don't give up, she seems like she likes you too. Maybe she's had bad experiences also and is afraid to get hurt? Just give it one more chance, maybe it'll work out in your favor (:


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