I can't tell if he is interested or not?

I started dating a guy about 6wks ago. We hung out every week for about four weeks. We took everything slow physically, he didn't push for sex but we fooled around.

Between dates we spoke about once a week to set up the following date and maybe once a week just to check in. On our third date he told me a lot of personal things about things he struggles with. We spoke for about a wk after but with the holiday schedule we weren't able to see each other.

I haven't heard from him for a few weeks but he recently added me to social media.

I want to give him space to work through his struggles but I'm not sure how much time is enough for me to wait. Should I assume he isn't interested and give up? My guy friends tell me to stick it out and my girl friends tell me he's just not that interested.

I should probably clarify that he initiated contact first and did ask me out on dates. I asked him on the third date and only initiated texting if I had a specific question (twice)


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  • I would hang in there! Assume that he is uninterested (I believe that the guy should have enough courage to ask the girl out and to start up conversations), but dont write him off just yet

    • Thanks. He had been the one initiating everything from the beginning. I try to only message him if I have a question.

    • In the mean time, maybe you'll find mr. right! (or mrs. right!)

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