Do you trust your woman intuition or your heart when you feel like your guy is cheating on you?

me and this guy been dating a month but i try not to bring up "is there anyone else" statement up everytime. i seen his name on this girl page and i questioned it because it seems as though he just wants her money. according to her page she pays his phone bill and he lie every single time to her about coming over. according to her he dont talk to her much often now. he made another Facebook page and he closed the other one down. he dont wanna accept my Facebook relationshup request or anything. im just stating this i dont base my relationship off Facebook but there's something telling me he's not doing something right. i dont wanna make myself seem paranoid. what do i do? i questioned the girl and he said he dont know her and thats his brother girlfriend. im thinking about just telling him i am going to leave him alone until he tells me the truth. i spot players well but i dont have time to get hurt. what should i do? im thinking about letting him have his space until he tell the truth


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  • Well the other way around since I'm a guy... But the time I went with my heart and ignored intuition... I was wrong. My heart used to be a bit over-trusting haha


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  • I would not trust him at all... I recommend ditching him. :/ He sounds shady and I'm worried that he is not treating you right. If you can't trust someone then it is really not an ideal relationship. You need to have trust. I'm sorry that he's being that way to you. :(

    • thanks a lot its just that sum keep telling me sum ain't right everyday

    • Yeah, I think you are right in feeling that way. Something isn't right.

  • All guys cheat or eventually get bored of you. You've got to stop being little red riding hood and start being the wolf. It's the only way to get by without being hurt.

    • ya and we only been together a month the girl i found out about he met her in November so this is true

    • You've been unlucky with some bad guys dude. Thats not true for all of them