Um, what should I tell him?

So the guy I like has been ignoring me for the past two weeks because he likes me and I said something about it and he totally shut me out. I texted him today saying exactly, "Hey, um, I like you and I don't know how you feel about me anymore, just thought I should let you know...
And he read it and after 45 minutes didn't respond. Then I said "look, if you really don't like me anymore please just tell me so I can get over it and stop guessing if you do or not." He said "I don't hate you"
Then I asked why he wouldn't talk to me then. And he made up some EXTREMELY stupid excuse ( this is on kik, he said he reset his phone and didn't remember the password, took him about 15 minutes after reading it to come up with that one.) I know that's not true because he was messaging my friend no more than two days ago. Then he didn't say anything about me liking him so I asked " so you don't care about me liking you at all?" And he said "I do" and I haven't said anything cause I don't know what to say. I just want a straight answer, if he likes me or not. He always told everyone he wanted to ask me out but now he probably thinks I'm crazy and needy and weird. What do I say?


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  • nothing to say now... you have said it and he didn't respond. I would move on. You have far more courage than he has. Sorry it didn't work, but kudos to you for trying. Most people don't.


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  • I say leave him be. Give him space because if he likes you he'll come back and text you first.

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