I joined this dating website, sent the first message and obviously blew it?

For starters let's just say that I am really awkward at the thought of dropping lines, much less flirting with potential suitors. As the question suggests, it was I that made first initial contact! From the reads of his profile, he seemed like someone I could hit it off with.

I know that first impressions are everything and asking this makes me seem incredibly desperate. In all honesty I am not at all desperate- I am a single, independent, driven, young woman. I have a sense of humor that comes off weird to people who don't know me, but they laugh nonetheless.

I am great at making people laugh, so I thought to myself-there I will text something silly! The entire point is to be myself. Lord knows I am awkward enough to put myself in situations that are not always meant for me to be in.

After a week he never answered me. So I chalked it up to okay, he's just not that interested in getting to know me- I'm not sure if it was nerves alone in which took me to that place in sending that ridiculous message and he was put off by the message from someone he has never meat. Or was it just me, something he did not like in my profile?

I keep telling myself, had he liked something in my profile, he would have sent me a message anyway, regardless of the awkward message. So should I revert back to, he is just not that interested in getting to know me.

Or should I go out on a limb, send him one more message trying to explain myself by just saying hey I'm shy, I did not know what to really say, and I goofed up. It has been a week. I just don't want to look foolish.

Sure why not. My name is and now we have been informally introduced- your profile just oozes excitement! I could hardly contain myself. Would it be too soon to propose marriage? Of course I'm kidding about proposing. In all honesty I can relate to not knowing how to break the ice when it comes to interpersonal relationships. All of us are an assortment of energy that collides within the compounds of knowledge. Meaning we are all able to re-late in different ways. Tell me something interesting.


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  • You are overthinking this.

    Your update is what you wrote him?

    Yes, that is a lot. A whole lot. Usually people are not so forward... it oozes excitement and spontaneity. However, people who are spontaneously bubbly are usually a ton of maintenance. You might not be this way, but you came off as it. What you wrote will make him believe you are not serious.

    Also, a heads up, most dating sights are full of men who want sex. He sees your response as from someone who is not likely going to give him any. That is why he has not responded to you.


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  • Leave it alone and chalk up that attempt to experience and try again. Perhaps tone down whatever you said.

    As you are anon, will you share what you said to him?

  • Well your question alone was enough to make me interested... But dating games are so hit or miss online- you never even know if the person will ever even log on to their profile again! i would leave it alone... And just move on to the next! You might get lucky and he could end up eventually responding! But you never know so you should move on and keep an open mind, you never know what will happen


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  • Let this one go. Move on to the next. No repairing what was not there ;)

    I have messed it up on the first phone call, lol. It really comes down to this; if you need to be that careful of what you say, is he the right one to pursue?

    Enjoy the buffet... There are plenty more dishes to sample.

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