Am I alredy in the friend zone with this girl?

I meet this girl in the student dorms I am living in, and her 2 friends at the same time and didn't really start knowing or talking to any of them close to the middle/end of the quarter. one of them I actually am starting to like now more then when I first met her. I always just hung out will of them in on of there rooms a lot and had a few movie nights in there room also. but yeah I have talked to her quit on snap chat mainly through messages but some were just the regular snaps but all the rest have been messages on there, and some of mine were kind of flirty like but can't tell if she reciprocates back (only one she did) ha but yeah other than than I really don't know if I am in the friend zone in her mind alredy. I went her and the 2 friends to dinner a couple times, and before I left for winter break I helped her out with getting her car to the warehouse to be stored for break, and I will help her get it back when I go back! the thing is though she said she will give me gas money for both times, and I said ah you don't need to do that but she really insist and says I can say no ha! so do I still accept the money ha? and yeah the main question am I in her "friend zone" alredy?

and even more yesterday and today I have been sending somewhat flirty messages I think, and it seems she has also! and when she got done with the movie she went to see with her family she just messaged me with Heyy :))
ha so I don't know if im just only a fiend in her eyes now or not? I can't wait till I see her this weekend :)


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  • At the moment I wouldn't say you are in the friendzone. However you need to make sure you don't give her all of your time. I know it's hard I've been there myself. But you be nice, stay flirty, helping her is fine. The thing you don't want to happen is that you end up as the guy who fixes her sh*t because she knows you will again I've ended up being that guy. You do need to have other things than her to look forward to. Do you have any hobbies? Like football/soccer, tennis, rugby, gaming, etc. enjoy those, involve her and see if she wants to involve you in her hobbies/life. That's a pretty big sign if she wants to know more about you and if she wants you to know more about her.

    In a way you have to advertise yourself to this person an enigma which excites them. Like instead of being a part of their life make them want to be a part of yours.

    The other thing is time, don't rush it. You are all enjoying eachothers company which is good, this makes this part easier... talk to her friends about her. Only do this when you feel it is right, don't do it when she has other distractions like another guy because then she has a nice comparison making her life easier. So talk to her friends find out more about her, something embarrassing which makes her blush. Like I say when it feels right and you would bet your life on it you straight up tell her you like her.

    I hope this helped, in summary you are not in the friendzone, make sure she doesn't take over your life and you'll be fine my friend

    • Thanks man! That was great advice! And yeah I know exactly what you mean! And talked to both of those friends about her and they both said she most likely isn't looking for a relationship at this time, and one of them had the feeling that I liked the girl, I asked her if she talked to Her about it but she said nope I just know when someone likes another person! But yeah they both were Mindoro saying that I should just risk it but troll the girl that after I tell her my true feeling, that I know this May catch you off guard but I have feeling for you, but if that isto much then I wanna stick as great friends with no akwardess!! But yeah I haven't been trying to let this take over my life, I'm still talking to her everyday at least and it makes me smile every time insee her a notification on my iPod saying that I have a message from her! Don't know why I feel the need to keep snapchat messages when I would beable to talk to her more trough texting! ( I don't have a smart phone) thank you

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  • No not yet... So you better make a move fast or you will be and DONT take the money!

    • ok thank you! and wht do I say when im messaging her? and I won't see her till this weekend when I get to help her again, but how do I not take the money cause I alredy told her that she dosent need to do that! and she said I am going to and "in the nicest way possible" I mean it, and shw won't rlly take no for an answer ha

    • Put your hands sgainst your legs so she can't give it too you and if she tries she has to go near your dick and you should tell her how you feel before you see her and be 100% honist

    • lol well ok, ill try my best to not take er money ha! but ye I really wanna tell her the truth now but its on this Saturday the 3rd tht I will finaly get to see her again! for the first time since break! but I feel like it is huge risk if to take though because I would need to talk to those 2 friends first because I wouldn't want 3 girls being mad at me :( ya know

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  • Yes you are

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