Is it right to feel more alive?

i know people will moan, but to be frank/blunt i don't care, because i speak freely and nobody can prevent me... don't like, don't post/don't read... we have freedom, use it!!

i haven't dated much before, and i know the reason why is because i don't have standard knowledge like everybody else got. this sounds weird, but then most of my cousins, friends and stuff have dates/get sex, but then what really struck me is that i have a casual friend/acquaintance who got a bf lately, and i'm in awe because i want to know what she did. there is some higher level that everybody else is at/got, and i simply want in... so this is the reason i post a lot... and i don't care who is upset/offended, because i don't need to know about them as strangers...

It just seems self-evident to me that there is a higher level people connect on and i want in to get dates.. and i think this is the reason i don't get them... and this is the only reason i post here, since everybody else has it/get dates, so i'm taking responsibility for myself and learning from what their community/school told them...


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  • what the actual fuck are you going on about

    • lolol.. just saying there is a level of higher knowledge people use to get dates, i've realised there is, and i'm doing by best to get it...