Should I text him back?

I like my friend and was drunk and texted him so we could flirt, which we did, but he just wanted to hook up. I told him he was a good guy and wanted to know him more and could just hook up with him, and he asked if it had something to do with him drinking too much. I didn't get his last 2 texts until this morning, should I bother texting him back or just leave it? I like him but I don't think he really gets it..


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  • personally, I would text him back and make him get it like make sure (if you really do like him) that he knows that..i mean I'm not quite sure what he means by does it have something to do with him drinking to much? but if you don't think he gets it and you want him to know you like him then id make sure he knows.

    good luck! :)


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  • dont be such a prude

    if he's your friend its couse he wants to hook up with you

    playing games will get you no where

    u ever stop and think maybe he doesn't give a crap about getting to know u?

    i sure wouldent

    what a waste of time leading a poor dude on

    he is in friend zone and doesn't have the game to know when to call it quits

    personally I wouldent even be talking to you by now


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