How should I take both of these statements?

So I've been seeing this guy for a little over 2 and a half months now and we like each other but neither one of us want a relationship Right now or anytime soon because we're both dealing with things that are bad timing for a relationship.

So the other day I was just wondering if he could even see us being together and he answered
"I "talk" to you, so I like you."

And then a couple of days later he told me to have a good day beautiful (as usual) and I said I like the way you call me that a lot and he said Good just wanna make you feel special and I said oh so I'm special now? And he said why else would I say it?

Basically how should I take both of these separate things?
And what does being special mean to a guy?



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  • First of all... How cute! Lol
    I think he's majorally crushing but didn't want to get good heart broke so he doesn't to make you official just in case you just him. Which it didn't sound like you would do

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