Beginners nightclub advice?

hello, first of all i am an indian guy currently living in new york.. here i like a girl with white hair but still not approach her.. we are now still friends.. but i think she also likes me cause we spent couple of hours on a phone.. hehe.. today she ask me to come in nightclub to join her & with her friends..& i am very excited cause i think its a best chance to make an impression on her.. but the problem is i have kind of nervous because its my 1st time going to nightclub & dont know how to handle myself in their... so guys give me some advices about it..& tell me how to impress her in their?


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  • Nightclubs can be lots of fun, but it's a terrible first date, it's going to be difficult to make an impression, HIMYM had a scene showing a nightclub date:

    I'd suggest going to coffee or out to dinner or even to the theatre before hitting a club, you have a much better chance of getting to know your date better and making an impression.

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