After you sent a message to a woman in an online dating forum, and she responds once but never again, is it worth sending another?

You find the girl of your dreams on a dating website, you have loads in common, she likes hiking, reading, has a degree, and she's super gorgeous. You send her a wink, put her as your favorite and she eventually responds! Yes, were off to the races, she says, " Hey there I like hiking," you respond in a charming way to her small but acceptable message and you wait, and wait, and wait.. you eventually see she has read your message, but she never responded back, why? Why hasn't she responded? Why do women respond to a man when she has no apparent interest in a him?

  • She messaged you because she was bored
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  • She messaged you, but was instantly turned off by your answer
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  • She has many options and your message did not interest her
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  • My choice is not here, Ill leave a comment
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  • Don't keep messaging. If she was interested shed message back


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  • She has many options like all females on dating sites they are out numbered by males.
    Keep texting and messaging it's your only chance.