How can I tell him that I'm moving away for 3 months?

So here's the deal! I'm gonna graduate this summer, and my bf of two months is gonna graduate next summer. I'm taking a gap year, and I've always wanted to go to London for 6 months - August to January - (I live in Denmark so it's not THAT far but still), so that's the plan and all of my family knows that.

How do I break this to him? We don't really talk about the future, seeing that I'm gonna move to a different city anyway and i don't know it's just awkward to talk about.

His family have asked me what I'm doing next year then, but I always just panic and go like "i'm not sure quite sure yet", so that's what he thinks..


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  • You just tell him. You tell him that you want to take a trip. From there you both decide if it's worth pursuing a LDR.

  • Just tell him that i am gonna go on a trip for 3 months we will stay in contact on fb and whtsapp... etc... he won't mind if he is mature enough!


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