What should I do if I'm confused?

So, there's a guy at school who's kinda popular and i like him. I thought he wouldn't look at me, but a couple days ago he wrote me (sms), that he liked me and he said lovely things, like: "I like a girl and I feel so floaty if I think 'bout her", than he told me that that girl is me. And I belive him, because I know he's not a player.
The weird thing is that I wanted it to happen, but now I'm not so sure. he asked me to be his girlfriend and I told him that it's a little bit to fast for me.
I'm afraid of what will happen next, if I'll be his girlfriend. It's gonna be the first time when I'm with somebody.
As I said it before, I'm not really sure if I want it (him to be my boyfriend).
So, what should I do?
P. S: I told him that I liked him, too.


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  • Just relax - you can "date" before he has to become your boyfriend. Have fun and enjoy the new experience.


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