Why do some guys let there girlfriend rule them? First off I hate when some girls do that because people aren't perfect?

My friend has a nice boyfriend and his sweet to her. But he is clumsy, when he makes something drop, she gets mad and tries to change him. Like one day we were playing basket ball together and he had to leave cause of his girlfriend. He listens but, she keeping him away from the stuff he loves. If your dating a girl that tries to change you, why do you still date her?


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  • Yikes !
    Well we know who wears the pants in that relationship.
    He needs to grow some balls.

    Guys like him are weak and cannot stand up for themselves.
    The person in the relationship with the stronger personality will always rule and take over.
    Things shouldn't be like that.
    They only become that way, if the person allows it.

    He needs to stand up for himself.
    I'm not saying argue with her about it.
    But say, "I'm having a great time, and I will stay a bit longer."

    She needs to let him be.
    Eventually he will start resenting her for it.

    You don't go into a relationship trying to change someone.
    If you can't like that person from the get go, then the relationship isn't for you.

    Just let the boy be !

    • Thanks, I hope my friend will change cause I can't stand when people do that.

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  • I only attract women that want me to not be me. I'm good at it.

  • The only guys who tolerate that behavior in a woman are guys with low self esteem.

    I personally can't stand bossy women. They are like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.


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  • Am always a believer that no girl/woman should ever set out to change the guy/man she's with.

    Nor should any guy/man do the same.

    • A person who finally understand cause some girls are just plain bossy.

  • Yes yes hen pecked bf. I really wonder why guys wld tolerate that attitude