Will we make it through med school?

I've been with my gf through two years of my undergrad. I have always wanted to go to medical school and e a doctor. It's been a lifelong dream of mine an I'm afraid that she won't make it through with me due to the intensity of the course work an the study lifestyle of a medical student. What's your take on this situation?


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  • Does she want to be a doctor too? I'm confused are you asking about her making it through med school or if she will be able to handle you going to med school?

    • Is she going to be able to handle me going to med school. She has a tough time when I have to focus on school and medical school is 100% devotion to your future. You lose the time with family friends because your education is your life now.

    • Ok I just wanted to confirm that those were your concerns. If she's already having a tough time with things and your relationship is already unstable then no you probably won't last past the first year of med school.
      If the relationship is already pretty stable with few complaints then you too should be fine

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