Just be yourself? Thats not working?

What happens when that doesn't work? Being myself gets me nothing.


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  • Yeah sometimes advice like that doesn't work for everybody.
    Life is a complicated puzzle.
    The most successful people fit the pieces together, without using too much force.
    Some people are born beautiful and attractive.
    Others are smart and creative.
    Most of us are quite average, including me.
    I'll tell you what goes a long way with me, and I have used it to my advantage.
    When I'm unsure of how to act, I go out of my way to be nice, and accommodating.
    It's a start anyway.
    Nice people aren't always smart and creative.
    Nice people aren't always the smartest tool in the box.
    But nice people are often very happy and satisfied because they are almost loved and liked by everyone.
    Be nice, be fun to be with, and love all the things life offers you.


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  • Well what are you when your not yourself that She is trying to make you change?


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  • You have to be interesting for "just be yourself" to work. You have to have traits that will attract the highest # of women. If you're not confident and bold, you need to get that way.

    "Just be yourself" is some of the worst dating advice ever created.

    • You may be right.
      I am interesting tho.

  • Then you should try to change some aspects of yourself. Never pretend being someone you aren't because you won't be able to keep this lie forever.

  • Yeah, it's not very useful advice. Being yourself is great, but it's not a useful dating strategy. To attract girls you have to talk to a variety of girls all the time. As with fishing, you can't expect to catch something if you only make one cast and go home. It's all about being active and going outside yourself to relate to them. Guys just don't have the luxury of being passive like girls. We have to take the lead, which is the very reason it's harder to be single as a guy.

  • Then you haven't met the right girl, if you aren't happy with who you are, how can you expect anyone else to

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    • I am confident. Tho that's starting to fade.
      Of the 400000 women who live in my area, hopefully 1 will be the right girl and hopefully I will meet her. So rediculas.

    • Confidence can return in time, maybe some new clothes might make you stand out a bit, tip: smart casual normally gets me a few 2nd looks