Girls find me creepy?

Either I say inappropriate things at times I'm too clingy or just im ugly but girls really don't get attracted to me like I have tried online dating no return messages. I even had girls that were on friends on Facebook block me cause I said something they found offensive. I have aspergers syndrome which sometimes I'm not sure if what I say is gonna hurt someone's feelings. why can't girls understand me


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  • I don't want you to take offense but it could be your aspergers. Not many people understand it or how to communicate with people who have it. It doesn't mean it's your fault, people may just get offended because of the communication and the way you communicate with them.


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  • Some girls are just really mean but I promise you that no one is ugly and you seem super sweet :) Just ignore them 💕 One day you will be really happy with a girl that loves you and all that they will ever be is mean <3'
    You seem so sweet!^-^

    • It will be alright, I promise. :)
      I'm currently being tested for autism u_u
      ~I wish you the best and God Bless :) 💖

  • Some girls are just mean and if they don't understand you then you don't need to be with them :).

    • I swear I'm losing hope of getting a girlfriend and something even as simple as friendship is becoming challenging too

    • I'll be your friend :)...

What Guys Said 2

  • If you have autism, than that's a big barrier to being understood that needs to be crossed with a partner. While the autism is probably a big part of coming across as creepy and saying the wrong thing, those are things you will need to work on; it seems like you are already aware of what behaviours are turning the women/people you know off.

    The bad news is while you might solve your issue with being seen as creepy (which is a good next step), dating may still be very difficult, a lot of people on the spectrum are cursed to stay single.

    • Yeah I read about that man and somehow I have to mentally prepare myself for it

    • It's not necessarily how things will be for you, especially if you overcome your biggest issues, though then you still need to find someone you have a connection with, navigate flirting and courtship, show them you've got good stuff going for you, and get to know each other, while always being vigilant to trying to figure out what's going on with your partner.

  • Maybe your just gay


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