How old is too old, is there an age limit on love?

So there's someone I like! I think he's 10-15 years older then me? What's the age limit? Is there one!


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  • Age limit differs person from person.
    Some people like those in their age range.
    Others wouldn't mind dating someone a decade or more older.
    To me, it's all about compatibility.
    If you have a lot incommon with that person and they are treating you right, why let age be the determining factor if you two should be together or not?
    The way I see it,
    A guy can be your age and not be for you.
    Whose to say just because someone is older the relationship will be sour?
    Give it a shot.

    Nothing to lose.
    Only experience to gain through the choices we make.


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  • As long as you're both over 18 then whatever.
    Five years or even a lot more isn't a big deal then, but when you've got a 16 year old and an 11 year old, then you've got a problem :D

  • Currently 22, wouldn't date anyone below 18


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  • I'm 20 but last year I guy I worked with was interested. We didn't get very far into anything because he was moving back home. He was 34 but my mam liked him, she thought he was good for me. This year there's a new guy and he's 23 nearly 24. Age doesn't bother me bit it would some, my parents were cool with the age gap.