Dreams of cheating on boyfriend?

Has anyone else had one of these dreams? I've had two. Same idea, different people.

First one was a couple days ago and that I had another boyfriend (a boy I don't really know) but that I had forgotten about him and just remembered him and had to find a way to break up with him without my current boyfriend finding out about him. I had the same dream last night but the boyfriend I had forgotten about was my ex and I was thinking of how to get the ex to leave me alone and that he wouldn't let me break up with him lol.

Weird as fuck haha anyone else have weird dreams like this?


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  • I never remember any of my dreams when I arise from my bed.


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  • ha,. yes! it kinda freaks you out

    • Yes lol I'm like where is this shit coming from.

  • Many times with older women and it kills me cause when i see them i get nervous but would love if my dream came true.. What can we do?

    • Really haha I wake up so relieved it was fake bc I hate those dreams so much. But yeah I don't know where they come from they're so random not much we can do :P

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