My anxiety is killing me. help?

I'm getting anxiety already.

Yesterday I went on a date with a guy. Before the date I was so nervous and scared I wanted to make up a weird excuse to not meet him.
I met him and it went very well and we talked a lot and it was easy.
He drove me to work. Than few hours later he texted me and asked if I wanted to go to his place after work for dinner. I said yes and went and he made dinner , we had fun and talked and laughed a lot and he kissed me.
I was a bit hesitant to that but it had been going so well that i let him. we cuddled and kissed and he was joking and saying how he thinks I'm a good girl and I probably haven't slept with a lot of guys.

Than suddenly he said he was not the boyfriend type of guy and he wanted to be honest. I mean I'm thankful for the honesty but it All was so quick. I never said I wanted a boyfriend and I was like oh ok.

Than at the end he drove me home and kissed me in the car.

This morning I sent a thank you for the dinner text and happy new years :) he replied thanks you too happy new year :)

And I'm now a bit anxious because I'm like.. one he didn't say anything about meeting again and two I'm thinking OK is it because I'm to good girl? And he just assumes I want a boyfriend


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  • If I were a girl on a date and a guy told me what he said to you that he wasn't the boyfriend type especially without you bringing it up I would have told he no worries because I'm a one date type of girl and those dates don't last long think I'll go home now.


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  • How about you mention seeing him again.

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