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I was 21 and i had met a 18 year old girl. We began dating and even though she was the one being pushy with sex (touching me, dirty talking, sending sexy pics) she still insisted she was a virgin and wanted to wait on sex. We dated and i was patient right until our 10th month together. That specific night on our 10th month i tried sexing her and she got mad/dumped me.

It's now been 3 years. We been on/off. She claims she's still a virgin at 21 years old should i believe it? You can bet she's dated/seen other people in our on/off relationship. I will see pics of her dirty dancing/talking dirty/revealing clothes she wears/also has a tongue ring.


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  • Honestly, I do not think she is a virgin, and is kinda putting out the wrong kind of attention. She needs to honor her body and image better as a woman because it will haunt her in the future. You two should have a serious talk about intimacy and see how it goes.

  • Maybe she is..
    I've known a few virgins that are suuuuper teases. They look and give off the super easy vibe.
    So, I doubt she is.. But you never know.
    Maybe she's one of those that doesn't consider oral or anal to affect her virginity.


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