Will I always be alone due to my insecurities?

Im a insecure girl always have been... iv takken thearapy for the way i am... but it hasn't done me wonders at all even my thearapist gaveup on me...

I dont like myself i h√Ęte the way i look... as i grewup my family rembers were always rough on me... my sibling would make fun of m'y voice or my appaerance... even if the bulling would get too harsh i had no support from mom she would Just yell at me for crying... it was like That thruoght my teens... i can't fight back in situation coz i feel intimidated with how i look...

Till today im 24 and still the same way even though i Will become older i Will still be the same... will i always be alone?


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  • Nah nah nah. Get that out of your head please. As long as you keep working through those inner demons... and going to therapy... Keep focusing on you. If a guy genuinely really cares about you... he won't bail out. He'll work with you on them. And there are guys like that :). You just gotta do you right now, your still young, live for right now, not the future.. And all those good vibrations will soon bounce off of you and other people will start to notice your inner glow :)

    • No m'y thearapist gaveup on me... i stopped thearapy coz it didn't effect...

    • I had a therapist do that to me too. Its bullshit. Well, find other things that make you happy in life? What do you like or have a passion for? I have depression, and I find when I do. stuff that I love... I feel so much better. And have a better outlook on life. Keeping yourself occupied helps too.

    • And don't find negatives in you. Quit saying your this and that. Find positives. The negatives will only kill you because your letting them consume you.

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  • It's your (lack of) intelligence that is more concerning. You do realize that insecurities and weaknesses usually aren't a permanent thing, don't you? They CAN be addressed and conquered.

  • are you implying you have always been single?

    • Its complicated dates before hasn't worked out

    • But never officially have had a boyfriend, as in no titled proclaiming "boyfriend-girlfriend"?

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  • I don't think so.
    I have had a lot of insecurities about my body.
    My family and friends makes/ made fun of me all the time.
    I realised that there is very little I could do to change the features I'm insecure about, so I decided to accept them and embrace them.
    Because I wear them with a badge of honour, people find themselves having very little to tease me about.
    that has build my confidence a great deal, I managed to bag a cute guy.

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