How to define a date from a hang out?

I've been seeing one girl for a while as friends, going to cafes and such and am going out to eat with her thus week. I've asked her out (in my opinion) as just to hang out, though I really am interested in her. I have no idea what she thinks, does she either think we've been going out just as friends or trying to become something else. I really am not sure either. How do I point out that the next time will be an actual date?

Also, when someone asks you to movies for example, how do you know if you are going out on a date or just to hang out?


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  • What do you want? .. A date is : like a movie or a dinner. Hanging out: just chilling at your house, her house. How can you not know the difference? Don't confuse her. Shell just think you see her a friend or she will just see you as a guy who just wants to fool around... if you keep asking to hang out. The more official dates, the more... she will see you have an actual interest for her.


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  • to answer your first question one solution is to just straight up define the relationship and ask her directly if she's feeling you in that way. you get a direct answer and you know whether she likes you or not. but if you're a little nervous you can be descreet and throw her signs like wrapping your arm around her, holding hands, trying to get cuddly while watching a movie whatever feels comfortable with you that still throws out the message of I'm feeling you, and if she reciprocates then great she's diggin' you. but if she declined your offer to hold hands then move on like nothing happened and just be friends.

    second question: there are some basic structures most date and friends date proposals go by.

    if it were a friend date to just hangout it would probably go along the lines of "hey, I'm going to see this movie you should come to" the "friend" would probably have pre-existing plans on going and just wants you to tag along they would probably go whether you say yes or not.

    if it were a date date the other would probably make it a priority for you to be at this movie or hangout. phrasing the proposal so it was prominate that you being there was a key factor.

    hope that helped

  • You should be honest instead of fooling around. If you do want to go out with her on a date and not hang out with her as friends tell her

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