Is there hope for a relationship with this girl?

I'm having trouble with a girl I've liked since 8th grade. I'm a senior in high school now. She's always given me smiles, been really easy to talk to and never tries to run away from talking to me. She always adds more to the conversation, even when i'm realllly nervous talking to her. I made my first album (im a musician) and asked if i could drop it off at her house (lol). She said yes, and easily gave me her number and address. I never did but i think that means she trusts me enough to give out such personal info. The only thing is, me and her good friend had a thibg that went really bad. Were now good, but my old thing says that she would never go out with me. But she still gives me looks, and isn't weirded out when i ask her questions, and when i say hi, she smiles and says it back, and i see her look at me a lot, especially from the side. Rhe other day, i talked to my ex, and officially we became friends again. Then i went on ask. fm and asked her friend (my crush I've been talking about) questions. She somehow figured out it was me. I denied and she seemed disappointed, so i told her it was me. She asked me if i still liked my ex, and i said no. She kept asking me questions about her, and twlling me i should not mess up things with her since we finally started talking again. That went on for 2 hours. What do you think about all this, PLEASE HELP thanks!

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  • ofcourse there's hope.. she seems to like u... but has trust issues, and doesn't want to end up getting hurt like the other girl.. two things she needs:

    1) reassurance from u that u really like her, and won't hurt her, with specific reasons.. maybe things u like about her or whatever

    2) reassurance from u that u have absolutely no feelings for the other girl.. examples that would help would be why it didn't work out with the other girl (make sure u dont say anything mean or negative) something like an interest or personality difference.. whatever it was.. just be honest, but say it in a way that doesn't put blame or judgment on the other girl

    good luck


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  • Girls do this non stop though, it's annoying and not fair - girls do this thing of spewing up drama and a guy sits there emotionally screwed while she gets her little fierce bite of drama and jealousy driven revenge.

    Of course there is hope, because girls do this all the time. She's insecure, that's why she's jealous.

    Jealousy is about insecurity, and for the most part it's not really fair girls do that (I may be a girl, I just don't do that. It's annoying - the reason why I don't talk to girls)

    But - for the most part she'll probably get over it, because it sounds like she likes you.


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  • dude she likes you her out

  • She probably has a thing for yo personally I'd say go for it and hope it works out man I'm like 80-85% sure she has a thing for you so ask her to the movies or something and hope it all goes good :)