New Year. New ways of getting over my obsession?

I'm not crazy, in fact I used to be the girl who said I would never fall or a guy and was sorta a player.

Well karma got me good. I fell for this guy 3 years ago. We used to to talk and he actually acted like he liked me but long story short we stopped talking 3 years ago and i am still not over him. I don't even know what I am holding on to but my brain just can't let him go.

I need help... I've dated other guys I've done everything and I am only 21 but I feel like he could've been the one.


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  • We like the ones we can't get. Makes you feel unattractive when they are players, always going for the other girls, but not you

    • Yeah that and I normally never have any problems getting guys to like me. He goes to my college and stares at me all the time even though we no longer talk and he has done so for the past 3 years too. I feel like this is the final year anyhting can happen but I know realistically it won't. Even him starting at me a little gives me hope it's so stupid.

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    • You make no sense

    • Or maybe I do, and you refuse to see it

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  • First you need to ask yourself, if you actually want to get over it or do you need closure? Whatever the circumstances, maybe just go up to him and be like hi, we haven't hung out in a while... want to get a coffee or something? Start talking to him again, and then after a couple of conversations gauge his interest, and if he seems pleased to talk to you just ask him out.
    This is scary, i know. But sometimes you need to take that chance, so you don't regret not doing anything later. If he says yes, well then take it from there if he could be the one. If he says no, or whatever at least you know you tried. It will probably help you move on.
    The other thing is out of mind out of sight, so once you stop seeing him you'll forget him and move on really quickly. So it's up to you in what you want to do.
    Good luck though!

    • The thing is we haven't talked in 3 years. The reason we haven't talked is because both of us are too stubborn to do it first so i just can't go up to him first as immature as that sounds I get so nervous and freak out when he is near me

    • Oh, well that sucks. I know the feeling, would talking online like through twitter/facebook or something work? Maybe leave a comment? Or worst case scenario... throw a party, invite him, either drink or pretend to be drunk and just start talking to him?

    • The thing is, if you really think he's the one you have to make some sort of move.

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