How do I get him to notice me again or am I too late?

Okay so basically there's this guy I've been friends with for a while and have had a crush on for about 2 years. a few days ago my friend and him and his friend were all hanging out and so it ended up being the first time my friend and my crush had ever met and they flirted the entire time. my friend keeps telling me about how she thinks she likes him and stuff, i want to tell her to back off because i like him, but i can't because I've honestly have had so many chances to escape the 'Friendzone' and he's even told me he's liked me before. but now he keeps texting her and flirting with her but seems to care less about me. how do i get him to notice me again/more and how do i tell him that i like him, or am i too late?


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  • You are not late, but you need to act before you lose your boy! If you really like him you need to push


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  • Think positive and get in there, if you like him then you should go for it and tell him - maybe not in text.. But if your bold enough get him alone and just tell him how you feel and maybe ask him how he feels so you can get on the same page.


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  • I'd start by telling your friend that you are interested that gets rid of the "threat" and make sure to mention that you've liked him for 2 years even if you don't end up dating the guy at least she won't either (I realize this sounds horribly selfish but let's be honest it would suck so hard if your friend dated him)